Training and Events
that Provide Results

Consulting By Demand offers training and events that provide insight, retention and positive results that last!  Over time you will see a diversity of events and training, that cover various Business and IT topics.  Come back and visit this and other pages occasionally, as you will see new offerings of training and special events.

If you have a topic we haven't covered, we are open to review it and may include it in the future. If you want to, send your comments to and in the subject line type "Training/Event Suggestion" and we will review and respond to you.

What's New:

"How to Increase Restaurant Revenue by 20%!"

Want to increase the average food and beverage revenue with your existing staff?

What you'll learn: The Servers Guide to Guest Satisfaction by Ross Blumenthal
-The perfect blend of conversation with your guest - Learn what is Too Much or Too little
-How to Up Sell your table by 20% - Chunk it & break it down
-How to build regulars and remember their choice of food and drink
-Learn how to turn a table - Productivity and how to anticipate guests needs
-Know your menu and be the consultant for the table
-Ask for referrals and build your Brand

-Increased revenue and profits for owners.
-Improved customer experience and repeat business
-Increased tips to reduce turnover and increase staff morale and productivity.

Upcoming Training Sessions

The Venue for training is typically on-site at Your facility.

Training can be on nights or weekends, before or after mutually arranged dates and times.